share large files

Just about every file transfer service will impose particular, specific limitations on users. Most often, files of up to only a certain size can be transferred at a particular tier of usage.

A Fast and Easy Way to Share Files

The process of sharing large files can be a complicated and time-consuming hassle. Files, especially those of larger sizes, need to be formatted, uploaded, sent, and downloaded. The longer it takes to get the process completed, the more vulnerable the information is to loss, hacking, stealing, or damage. Losing a few vacation pictures to cyber-space is no problem because they can be sent out again to the recipient. Losing creative artwork, manuscripts, blueprints, prototype plans, development and research files, or original musical arrangements can be devastating.

A Combination of Advanced Technologies

New ways to combine technology allows people the opportunity of sending large files securely in real time. All formats are supported and can be sent to desk tops, via applications, and to any mobile device. Encryption standards are increased by the utilization of three methods that provide superior security. The end to end keys for encryption are randomly generated before the data leaves the computer of the sender. The company providing the service cannot even access files being sent.

Real time sharing is possible because more bandwidth is used by using an advanced multi-connection threading. Up to one-thousand files can be shared at once simply by dragging and dropping files into the window before sending. Quality of the files is not lowered or changed in the encryption process, so recipients see exactly what is included in the original file as it is meant to be viewed. This is important for collaboration on projects. Go to the website to get more information on all the security and quality assurance measures used in every process.

Select between Two Service Options

Sending files securely in real time is available at zero cost. Users can choose to share large files securely at zero cost. Files will be online for seven days before they will be automatically removed and are unrecoverable. This is an aspect to keep in mind when considering the free version of the service. It may not be suitable if many people will be collaborating on a file.

A professional option, known as Jetdrop Pro, incurs a charge on a month by month basis. Larger files can be sent and are available for longer time periods. Users will be able to manage files and securely store them for future reference and later use if necessary. This choice makes mitigating files even faster because they will be available at a single click. Regardless of which service option is selected, get started at